The issue of college athletes education

The university also offers the student-athletes the opportunity to play competitive games in large stadiums packed with committed fans, which allows student-athletes to garner media attention, and name recognition.

Currently a graduate assistant at Jackson State where is dad, Tony Hughes, is head coach. Student-athletes entering their first year hold more responsibilities than the non-athletic participating student, and it may be more difficult for them to transition through changes in athletic participation demands on top of the new social and academic changes.

Although the actual number of female coaches increased between andthe percentage of female coaches continued to decline over that same period. Colleges such as University of Connecticut UConnSyracuse Universityand Kansas State University have some of the worst graduation rates in the country for their student-athletes.

Further examples of athletes being treated like royalty at their universities can be seen through the University of Oregon. Also, if you are now in Division III, you may issue your own release called a self-release to allow another Division III school to contact you about transferring. Lectures by prominent industry figures, concerts, movies, fitness facilities, student clubs are a few additional benefits that universities generally subsidize through fees added to tuition bills.

The amount spent on an athlete in one of the six highest-profile football conferences, on average, is six times more than the amount spent to educate the non-athlete.

An education in the long-run is very valuable, and with the scholarships the student-athletes get, they can take advantage of a great education at little to no cost. As well, in many countries professional clubs recruit athletes as children and develop them in their own academies, rather than through high school sports, signing them to professional contracts before they are done secondary school.

A few schools benefit from owning their own networks. The athletic facility adds to the royal treatment of the student-athletes. Universities also offer unique benefits to the student-athletes such as team-only workout facilities, top coaches, nutrition personnel, shiny gyms, lush fields, medical care, travel to away games, customized meal plans, free gear, and athletic attire.

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Ideas in this article should be expressed in an original manner. Below are a few potential pros and cons of paying college athletes. This would scrap the injunction found by U. What about the top level talent. It can be argued that many of these athletes would never make it in a higher education program if there were no sports programs to help them get there, and no motivation for them to try to attend.

Below are excerpts from interviews with four of the athletes. This is something that has been a growing issue in recent years. Ex-Mississippi State football player Jay Hughes: The law states that: First, athletes need to be able to claim amateur status.

Educating College Athletes

Started 12 games at safety and was a team captain inhis final season, when Mississippi State rose to No. This means that putting in the extra hours is a well-known but non-documented requirement. InShabazz Napier was quoted: Before the law was passed in fewer than 30, girls participated in college sports; as of more thangirls participated in college sports.

The NCAA claims that student-athletes are classified as such for a few very important reasons. Title IX has been associated with the cutting of opportunities available for men and boys. The NCAA is going to have to admit that the requirements for a student-athlete, particularly in Division 1 revenue producing sports, are the equivalent of that of a full time job.

Money will only add to this fact. The air feels different within our athletic department. Personalized medicine, also referred to as precision medicine, holds great promise to improve healthcare.

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Athletes recently conducted an extensive survey on time demands, and they have been given a seat at the table with administrators to discuss issues as external threats continue to challenge the NCAA.

One day off a week may be a great, great thing for football players, but they play once a week.

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For the student-athlete this can mean lowered academic admissions standards and preferential treatment in school. The New Plantation: Black Athletes, College Sports, and Predominantly White NCAA Institutions [B. Hawkins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The New Plantation examines the controversial relationship between predominantly White NCAA Division I Institutions (PWI s) and black athletes. We create interactive lessons for high school and college educators to engage their students in discussions of ethics and personal genetics.

The lessons are relevant to multiple subjects, including biology, health, social studies, law, physical education and psychology.

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Jun 09,  · Education Entrepreneurs Franchises The Problems With Paying College Athletes. Even if we could get past this issue, I see a number of other problems.

The issue of college athletes education
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